eBook - Know Your Mind, Transform Your Life (Lingua Inglese)

eBook - Know Your Mind, Transform Your Life (Lingua Inglese)

Learn how the memories recorded in your mind interfere with your life and with your choices.

This book will guide you to look at your life from a completely new perspective, i.e. from the knowledge of Mental Mechanisms and of the way they work.

You will understand what Genetic Memories are and how they impinge on your life; and thanks to the practical exercises provided, you will be able to modify the genetic memories that are harming you.

Through this New Knowledge you will find out:

-how past lives and genetic memories influence your life choices

-what are the laws shaping a person's character and how one's negative features may be transformed into positive ones

-the great power of ethical conduct, and how to rid yourself of guilt feelings

-how to protect yourself from your own negativity and from other people's

-how to recover your Love and Dignity as a Spiritual Being using your Understanding

-how to be happy and find balance and harmony within yourself

This book is for people who are looking for the real causes of their spiritual malaise and are not satisfied with just temporarily and partially removing its symptoms; it is designed for those who want to get free from past experiences blocking them, and want to start to consciously build their own future.

A book which will help you get back your due: Yourself, the love, joy and happiness of being and living.

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