Study Tips for Learning German

Below is a list of the study tips in our collection that will help in learning German effectively.

Vocabulary, Articles and Gender

It helps to memorize the article of the noun whenever you repeat vocabulary. It is of little use knowing the German equivalent of - say - 'table' when you do not know the noun's gender. Our suggestion: Pretend that the article is a fixed part of the word, as if 'table' didn't mean 'Tisch', but 'der Tisch' or even 'dertisch'...

The Principle of 80/20

Studies show that 80% of a language learner's mistakes are caused when learners misunderstand 20% of structural rules and other rules that are not quite clear.

  • Identify mistakes that occur regularly. Use your study materials to do so.
  • Draw a colourful chart on the topic with basic rules and some example sentences. Then place it over your desk or above the kitchen sink or any other place that you pass by regularly.

Your subconscious will memorize the rule almost without you noticing.

Talk to yourself!

Do you feel self-conscious when a chance to speak German presents itself? It might help to walk around your room talking to yourself - in German! This way you will get rid of your inhibitions and get used to German pronunciation.

Give yourself a break!

Have you repeated a vocabulary list over and over again and still can't remember the words in it? You need to give yourself a break! It is much more effective to repeat vocabulary regularly and repeatedly for a short period of time, than devoting a whole afternoon to one single list.

Don't avoid the German language!

Is there a cultural centre in your hometown, which organizes German language readings, films or provides a small German language library? Or even a cinema which shows subtitled German films? Find out and use the opportunity to get frequent exposure to the German language.

Have you ever thought about doing a German course in a German speaking country?

Reward yourself!

Learning German ought to be fun. It helps to decide in advance on a topic (a chapter in your study book, a certain amount of vocabulary or some pages in a German language novel) and reward yourself after finishing it. That's a good tip for your motivation!

Organise your study place!

Studying works best when you feel good about your study place. Select a certain part of your apartment where you feel most comfortable. Also, organise your study materials in a way that ensures they are easy to navigate. Different colours are often helpful! Are you interested in learning German in a German-speaking country? To book a course or to find out more information, please click here.

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