How to Learn a New Language with a Used Brain to master a new language when she moved to Europe, American writer and editor Lynn McBride begin delving into the best methods and resources for language learning, gathering data from professors, programs, native speakers, and fellow language learners. This short, practical guide to tackling a new language the most effective way, and with the right tools, is the result of her efforts, and her conviction that foreign language study has surprising benefits for everyone.

Written especially for adult learners from beginner to advanced levels who want to successfully learn a new language or revive a stalled effort, the book is upbeat, enthusiastic, and motivating.

Included in the book:

–A personal, tailored program for language learning.

–Practical tips from other language teachers and learners.

–A review of the best language learning resources available–many of them free–covering both traditional methods and the latest online resources for computers, tablets and smartphones.

–Ways to make the program fun, and a part of daily life.

The structured program in this book offers a great head start for anyone beginning or reviving a language learning effort.

Lynn McBride is an American writer, editor, and educator who has lived in France since 2003. Before moving she lived in Charleston, SC, where she was a Regional Editor for Meredith Publishing (Better Homes & Gardens et al) for 10 years. Since moving to Europe she has written for travel and home/garden magazines and websites for the US and the UK. When Lynn and her husband moved to France, they fell serendipitously into an apartment in a medieval château in Burgundy, where they lived with the owners for several years. She began a blog about their life there called Southern Fried French, with weekly posts about French culture, language, cooking, and château life. Her new book was born out her love of language study, the frequent questions about language from her blog readers, and her growing realization that Europeans enjoy great advantages with their mastery of multiple foreign languages. Lynn and her husband still live in Burgundy, where she is still studying her French.

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