Is it possible that humans came from another planet? is a well-known fact that people’s origins, traditions and customs are reflected in numerous legends, passed down from generation to generation. There are a few peoples, whose legends say that their ancestors came to planet Earth from nearby stars.

Two of these peoples are the Dogon tribe located on the African continent, and the Osage Indian tribe located in the U.S. The Dogon insist that the place where their ancestors came from is the Sirius star. The blood of people of the Osage tribe was found to have factors that are not present in the blood of other peoples in the world.

Legends, affirming the extraterrestrial origin of mankind, should not be taken for nothing but fantasies of primitive people. However, the level of savages is not much different from the level of animals, so savages can speak only on topics related to the surrounding reality. Thus, we could affirm that the stories of space can be heard from those people who really had a connection with outer space, but lost it in some circumstances.

Therefore, the origin of such legends and myths about the cosmos could be explained by the fact that once upon a time there was a constant contact between the Earth and other planets, and our planet was regularly visited by guests from outer space.

In the mythology of Araucanians, South American Indian tribe, stars are perceived as people who found themselves in heaven. In the texts of Avesta, there is a mention that all humanity came to planet Earth from another star. According to these texts, people who belong to the Caucasian race, are natives of the Big Dipper star, people belonging to the Mongoloid race came from the Cygnus and Lyra constellations, people of the Indian race came from the Cassiopeia star, and the people of the Negroid race – from the Orion constellation. However, such records are doubtful, because the races mentioned in Avesta are present on our planet.

Many legends contain a detailed description of the six species of living creatures, designed to assist humanity in hard times. According to some of the written sources survived to the present day, the world was inhabited by snake people, bird people, people with dog or cat heads. Maybe that is why the cult of the cat was so powerful in some of the ancient civilizations, and in many parts of the world it is possible to find figures that resemble cat people. It looks as if these creatures used to cohabit with humans and later mingled with them.

Perhaps, through a process called convergence, humans can interbreed with aliens from outer space. If an intelligent species, belonging to the class of mammals, will get on our planet, it will converge with another intelligent species like humans. So, maybe extraterrestrials who once came to Earth became ordinary earthlings, because otherwise they would have died…

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