Millions of Satisfied Pimsleur Customers Say... D.

So easy to order I couldn't believe it. I've heard of this technique and totally believe in it. I've no previous language lessons and feel it will be very easy for me. I'm home schooling my kids and can't wait to have them learn these languages!!!!!


I've gone through Pimsleur essential Italian vol. 1-3 and by the end, I understand the sentence structure and have a decent vocab. I went to Italy soon after finishing it and could communicate fairly well. I was hoping Pimsleur would one day add a vol. 4 which carries on from the other 3, with the goal of expanding the vocabulary of the student.


P.S. thanks for bringing these out, I tried other Italian lessons, but they're just not as good as the Pimsleur ones overall.

Monika H.

My name is Monika and I am originally from the Czech Republic. Not even a month ago I was browsing YouTube and the advertisement for Pimsleur method showed up. I just decided to check it out and find another cheap and not effective method as usual.


NOT TRUE AT ALL!!!! I would like to thank you so much! This is fantastic! I have always wanted to speak Egyptian Arabic and I have been trying for the past two years. Nothing worked till NOW! Within the first week with your Quick & Simple course I learned more than I managed to learn during those two years! I am so amazed!

C. Edwards

I'd like to thank you for the speed with which you processed my order 1011261--Pimsleur Quick and Simple Italian. I placed it on 8/16 and it arrived today (8/19). Normally, one would expect a week or more with your low S&H. My only complaint is that I no longer have an excuse to put off studying my Italian. Ciao!

Tom M.

Wow - I can't believe it is here already, and with free shipping. Thanks again. Can't wait to get started.


When I was a teenager my father was in the Air Force. He was assigned to Spain and we went with him. We were thrown into a situation without speaking a word of the foreign language. You had to learn and we did. Learning a language that way you learn to think in the language because there was no translator to follow us around.


I am now a retired nurse. My legs gave out a couple of years ago but that is another story. I was looking for something to occupy my mind. (If you don't use it you lose it.) And then I came upon your program and it is wonderful. It is the closest that I have found to the way we learned Spanish, total immersion.


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