Oscar Wilde - The Picture of Dorian Gray

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http://www8.clickstore.com/ilnarratore_test/pimages/pict2227_180259_small_.jpgOscar Wilde's enduring masterpiece, The Picture of Dorian Gray (Il ritratto di Dorian Gray) this fable of innocence and corruption, purity and decay has become a true classic. The beautiful, narcissistic Dorian Gray, torn between the influence of cynical hedonist Lord Henry Wotton and tortured artist Basil Hallward, sells the beauty of his soul in exchange for external perfection. Ultimately, he cannot escape the disfigurement of sin. Wilde's remarkable wit and memorable, epigrammatic lines dazzle in audiobook form! Accomplished British stage, television, and movie actor Greg Wise's wonderful interpretation of the story subtly voices the characters and varies the tempo and mood so that even the lengthy descriptive passages come alive. And the musical interludes here are appropriate and pleasant. 


Content: The Picture of Dorian Gray
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Per ascoltare la versione italiana: Oscar Wilde - Il ritratto di Dorian Gray - Lettura di Luigi Marangoni (il Narratore audiolibri - versione integrale)

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