Phrasal Verb Fun,BottomRight,-32,22_AA280_SH20_OU29_.jpgIf you want to learn English, you have to learn phrasal verbs. In spoken English, in particular, we use them all the time. What are they? They are verbs of more than one word, and frequently their meaning is not obvious. Although 'come' means to ‘move towards me, 'come up with' means to ‘have a new idea’. And 'put something somewhere' means to ‘place’ it or to ‘position’ it, but 'put up with' means to ‘tolerate’. The English language is full of idioms.
Phrasal Verb Fun is the only book that tells you WHY phrasal verbs mean what they do. Look at a normal dictionary and you get a translation and maybe conjugation of irregular verbs. Even worse, if you look at a vocabulary book, or an English grammar book you can see lists and tables to memorize.
Very very boring. Enough to send you to sleep for a month. And, it doesn’t work.
On Amazon Spain, the book has so far received an average of 4.7 stars. Here are a couple of the reviews.
(5 stars) murillo113
Me alegro de haber descubierto este libro. Está explicado de manera concisa y clara, te puedes manejar por los enlaces de manera fácil y eficaz. Pensar que un profesor pone su conocimiento a nuestro alcance por un precio tan simbólico da que pensar de los demás autores.He leído en la página web que el definitivo se pondrá a la venta por 3.50 Euros, precio que pagaré encantado.
(I am delighted to have discovered this book. It explains everything so clearly and concisely, and you can navigate through all the links so easily. To think that a teacher can make his knowledge available for a symbolic price should make other authors think. I read in that the definitive edition will go on sale at 3.50 euros, a price I would happily pay.)
(5 stars) comecocos
Un libro que me ha ayudado a aprender phrasal verbs de una maldita vez.Lo mejor los vínculos, odio los índices tradicionales. Eso hace que sea ameno. Lo peor es que hace que aprender phrasal verbs sea fácil y me preguntó por qué he estado perdiendo el tiempo hasta ahora.
(A book that has helped me learn phrasal verbs once and for all. The best part is the links, I hate traditional lists. This makes it much nicer. The worst thing about it is that it makes learning phrasal verbs so easy that I wonder why I wasted so much time up to now.)

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