Pimsleur approach


Hi everybody! First off I must admit I'm a fan of Pimsleur. That is of the Pimsleur Approach of course. To illustrate let me tell my Pimsleur story: I had never been very fond of learning languages. In my job I didn't have contact with foreigners and when we went on holiday everybody spoke English. Then one day my boss announced that there will be a merger between our company and a company in Mexico. No big deal I thought - I'll keep my job and salary. Much to my surprise my boss also said that now we had to acquire 'a working knowledge of Spanish' because part of our management will be Spanish speaking and we will also have Spanish speaking clients. Well, we had Spanish speaking clients before that merger and some people in our company could handle them all right. As a matter of fact I was quite sure that our boss was playing just another of his practical jokes on me. However, not long after that conversation I received a memo that in essence said I had to learn Spanish if I were to keep my job. I went home and told my wife about had happened. She said she would ask around to find out what the best way of learning Spnaish might be. At that time my company also offered on site language tuition but the class required me to stay late two nights a week. On top of that I had to pay part of the training expenses. So one day my wife came home with that tape package. She said it were the best thing available and all I had to do was listen to those tapes in the car. Well, it probably took several weeks until I got around to stick one of the tapes in. And you know what? This Pimsleur thing works! First I would listen only for five minutes or so and then switch the radio back on. Then I pushed the tape in more often and extended my listening. Every time I picked up a new word or phrase and sometimes I would test it out with one of my Spanish speaking co-workers. They were surprised and asked me where I had learned Spanish. I told them about Pimsleur and they had never heard of it before. So I really think this is a great tool for people like me. I mean somebody who wants to learn a language from scratch fast and without a big time investment.

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