Poland: war in 10 years, says minister

http://www.presseurop.eu/files/images/briefcover/dziennik-gazeta-15092011-100.jpg?1316083528“Rostowski predicts war”, headlines Dziennik Gazeta Prawna the day after Polish Finance Minister Jacek Rostowski warned in the European Parliament of war in Europe “in ten years” if the eurozone implodes as a result of the debt crisis. Most Polish commentators have found the speech controversial, to say the least. “The minister has reinforced stereotype of Poles as people driven by emotions, irrational and easily losing temper”, laments a columnist in Rzeczpospolita. Notwithstanding the acknowledgment that Rostowski’s “war hyberbole” was far-fetched, liberal daily Gazeta Wyborcza comes to the minister’s rescue stressing that the clue of his speech remains true: “the break-up of eurozone would be an economic as well as political catastrophe for Europe”. ( Fonte: www.presseurop.eu)

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