Science Reveals Why Men Are So Attracted to Women’s Breasts University psychiatry professor Larry Young, studies the neurological basis of complex social behaviors.  He thinks that
human evolution has harnessed an ancient neural circuit that strengthens the bond between a mother and child during breast feeding, which now strengthens the bond between couples.

Therefore, just like babies, men love breasts – for different reasons though, of course.

The neurotoxin Oxytocin, or the “love drug”, floods a mother’s brain when her nipples are stimulated during breastfeeding.  This strengthens the mother’s focus and affection towards her baby.  Recent research though, shows that this phenomenon is not reserved just for breast feeding babies.

Recent studies have shown that nipple stimulation enhances sexual stimulation in women (this had to be studied?  Seriously?) and this activates the same areas of the brain as vaginal and clitoral stimulation.  So, when a woman’s nipples are stimulated during sexual activity, release of oxytocin is triggered but focuses the woman’s attention towards her sexual partner, strengthening the desire to bond.

Therefore, men can make themselves more desirable to women by stimulating the woman’s nipples.  In a manner of speaking, evolution has made man want to do this, thus the fascination with breasts.

A man’s fascination to breasts is thus caused by the knowledge that by stimulating them, they become more desirable to the woman and the woman becomes more receptive to sexual bonding.

Commenting on Young’s theory though, Rutgers University anthropologist Fran Mascia-Lees, who has written extensively about the role of breasts, has pointed out that not all men are attracted to breasts.  This is particularly true in some ethnic cultures wherein the women don’t cover their breasts and does not arouse the men of the same community.

But Young counters by pointing out that, although breasts aren’t covered by women in such cultures, it also doesn’t prove that breasts aren’t stimulated during sex.  Since there aren’t too many – if at all – anthropological studies of breast stimulation in such cultures, there is no basis to come to a conclusion on this point.

What is clear though is that man’s fascination with a woman’s breasts does exist and is present with a majority of men.  Though the reasons aren’t clear, the reality remains the same.

Although Young’s reasoning that his theory “just makes a lot of sense” isn’t so scientifically sound, there is a strong tendency to agree since, well, it does.  If stimulating a woman’s breast will allow a man to have sex with her, then, without a doubt, a man will stimulate a woman’s breast without a second’s hesitation.

Hell, if jumping through a hoop of fire would result to the same result, any man would do it gladly – TWICE. (

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