The Open Secret of Polyglots - How to learn English or Other Languages with Kindle, Print or Audio Books,BottomRight,-33,22_AA280_SH20_OU29_.jpgThe book will help you to stand your ground and go on with language learning, be it English or any other one you are learning. You learn how to understand a text globally without using a dictionary and why this is more effective in terms of memorising the new words and phrases than merely looking at them and mugging them up.

Even the use of e-book Readers (such as Kindle) or audio books with the exercises is described in the book.

The revolutionary view of starting from what you know, then using your inner created pictures, followed by exercises based on the rhythm and melody of a language will create a firm foundation for your language learning practice. You will become an autonomous language learner and improve your knowledge of foreign languages - or even decide to learn new ones as well!

Based on the techniques of famous and classical polyglots like Kató Lomb, Heinrich Schliemann and Giuseppe Mezzofanti, the author develops a widely practicable technique for those who like reading books (print or e-books) or listening to audio books. Beginners and advanced learners alike can build up a comprehensive vocabulary through reading in a foreign language. This way of collecting vocabulary is rather more entertaining than learning languages merely from course-books or at school.

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