The Step-By-Step Resume Writing Formula: A simple system that works - How to write the perfect CV - Get a job interview almost every time,BottomRight,-29,22_AA280_SH20_OU29_.jpgHow To Write The Perfect CV 
Get A Job Interview Almost Every Time

Your resume is the ticket to how to get a job interview. Get an interview nearly every time by using a certain format that is proven to work

Most resumes fail. This is because the employer will decide in the first few seconds if they're worth reading. This formula grabs their interest right away.

Another reason is that they bore the reader. Don't do this and use this format instead that sells you to them.

This nuts and bolts guide will show you how to...


  • Write a short paragraph that will not just get the interview but practically get you the job

  • Put in only right information and what to avoid at all costs

  • Write what the employer wants to read that will make them keen to interview you

  • Use the five part layout that works the best

  • Describe your employment history in a way that grabs their attention

  • Explain gaps in employment that don't hurt your chances

  • and more

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