Where does the low self-esteem come from?

http://polyglottutor.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/low-self-esteem.jpgLow self-esteem has a strong negative influence on all spheres of life: it attracts unhappy relationships, prevents from getting promotion at work, and makes you feel that everything around is gray and unfair. What subconscious programs create low self-esteem and how to get rid of them?


Low self-esteem is an unconscious underestimation of self-importance, value and uniqueness. But in any case, we compare ourselves to others. People, working on their personal development, understand that every person is the whole universe, unique and different from all the others. It is impossible to always be the best in everything, but you can be perfect in your uniqueness.

Comparing yourself to others, you diminish your dignity and affirm that you are just one of million. Usually, a person with low self-esteem always makes a comparison that is not in his favour: one has a more expensive car than his one, someone else has a cooler job than he does, another one is more attractive than him…


For many people, the only incentive to action is their pinched ego. “I’ll prove to them that I am better“, “He laughs best who laughs last” – often these incentives lead to success, but do they lead to happiness? All have long forgotten about you and are occupied with their own life, and your life can pass in trying to prove something to someone. And what about your dreams? What about your real goals?


A person can change his life. You always can find opportunities if you strive for success. No laws, people, economic crises or any other external factors will interfere, if you set a goal. But if a person has low self-esteem, he twiddles his thumbs and waits for the day when the clouds disperse, and someone will hand happiness and success on a silver platter.

Wake up! By hoping for a better life you do nothing to become successful and happy. You need to think it over and start taking actions, even if it means a change of thinking.

Search for approval

It is another clever trap of our own ego. When you doubt your own opinion, you start looking for other people’s evaluation. It is appropriate to ask someone what you look like from the back. But is it appropriate to ask others about the right to exist? Following the advice and values of other people, you lose your own personality. Mom says where to work, grandmother teaches how to live, husband says who to talk to… But do you really know what YOU want in this life?

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