Who Are The World’s Richest Rocking Stars? – Infographic

Who Are The World’s Richest Rock Stars? From sold out amphitheaters, to international world tours, product endorsements, merchandise sales, album and record sales and more, musicians have the potential to make millions upon millions of dollars from various popular career endeavors that are either directly or indirectly related to their actual music.

And in the history of the music industry, even the small timers can make a killing if they have the right management and if they can manage to leverage their first paychecks into worthwhile investments. But we’re not concerned with the small timers are we?

This infographic, Who Are The World’s Richest Rock Stars, names off the biggest names in the music industry in terms of financial success, and sheds light on how those stars made their riches bigger than anyone else’s.

Sorry Britney Spears, neither you or your fellow pop stars make any significant appearance on here: the world’s richest rock stars seem to come from genres such as rock n’ roll, R&B, and Rap (Hi, Jay-Z!)


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